2016 Gold Run Flight 1 of 16: LHR-OSL

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Heathrow Terminal 5
Galleries Club Lounges

Arriving at Heathrow 6 hours before our flight to Oslo gave us the opportunity to visit all of the BA Galleries Club Lounges in T5. The lounges, were well BA Club Lounges – functional and busy. Of the three lounges, the lounge in T5B was by far the most relaxing, purely because it was quieter, which allowed us to spread out and enjoy ourselves. The new furniture in the South Galleries lounge is a very welcome change, that ever so slightly modernised the space while providing more privacy. BA Lounge Champagne

As for refreshments, we had the opportunity to sample lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The food, while tasty reminded me of a school buffet: full of flavour but not very appetizing to look at. The ability to free pour drinks is always welcome, especially compared with the need to use a ‘chit’ at a bar in the admirals clubs. The only downside with BA business class lounges, is the need to request champagne from a member of staff, which inevitably leads to one standing around waiting to see a member or staff then awkwardly trying to explain where you are sat, while the staff member – with a blank look on their face- gives you the impression your request is so far out of the way and is ruining there day.

All in all the BA Lounges provided a escape from the bustling terminal below and a place of calm to relax in for the 6 hours before our flight.

Club Europe
London (LHR) – Oslo (OSL)
31st May 2016

Boarding the aircraft we were met by a lovely CSM who really set the tone with a warm welcome. The 1hr and 51 minute flight got underway about 10 minutes late thanks to a ‘late arriving aircraft’. This was exactly what every flight in Club Europe should be like. It is still impressive how despite the decrease in leg room, the new cabin interiors make the aircraft feel much more premium.

BA Club Europe ChampagneThis was our first opportunity to try the new Champagne Castelnau Reserve Brut which replaced Monopole as the standard offering earlier this year. We all agreed it was a significant and welcome improvement.

As Oslo is a ‘band 3’ catering destination, we had a choice of either Cod with Celeriac Mash or a Cous Cous salad with a Jerk Chicken Skewer. Between us we sampled them both, and the genera consensus was that the food was fantastic. The DO & CO catering in Club Europe really goes down well.

All in all it was a pretty standard trip in Club Europe which was made really enjoyable by the new champagne, good food and the fantastic service provided by the crew member.



Raddison Blu – Oslo Airport
Standard Double Room

Not much to say here. The hotel did exactly what is said on the tin, a decent room close to the airpot and a good night sleep.

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