Our Gold Run

 In Gold Run

As a group of AVgeeks, there is nothing better than a good old-fashion mileage run. Earlier this year the perfect opportunity fell into our laps, however, instead of miles we are chasing tier points within the British Airways Executive Club. Our goal is to get enough tier points to qualify for gold status in one trip; the magic number being 1500. We expect to slightly surpass that and earn a total of 1560 tier points over 8 days.

Starting at London Heathrow, our Gold Run will take us from Norway to Hawaii and back on 16 different flights, totalling just over 28,000 miles. The gruelling trip, is packed with countless hours waiting around airports, ‘fantastic’ airline food and tight connections. Thankfully we’ll have Cranky Concierge watching out and ready to help if anything goes wrong.

This blog will serve as a record of the trip and throughout the journey we will post regular updates detailing the adventure we have.


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